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Why BidetMate?

We want to ask you a question;

"How’s your bum?”

We know, we know, not a question for polite company. But it’s a question we’re kind of excited about. Why? Because we know there’s a better, more sanitary, and environmentally friendly way to be able to answer,

"Why, my bum is clean and confident, thanks for asking.”

Some people remember a vacation abroad for sights seen, meals eaten, and beautiful sunsets. We remember bidets. I mean, sure, we remember other experiences as well, our lives aren’t completely bidet-focused. However, there’s nothing quite like your first bidet experience, and we want everyone to share in that experience.

For us, the bidet isn’t really a luxury item, it’s a logical addition to your morning, evening, or anytime. Even before the pandemic robbed us of our bathroom tissue, we’ve been thinking about, testing out, and talking to people about, the wonders of the bidet. We want to introduce this lovely bathroom addition to as many people as possible. We also want to dispel the idea that it’s a symbol of luxury; swimmin’ pools, movie stars… bidets.

It makes sense in this age of technology. You want the best high-tech headphones for your ears, the best high-tech sunglasses for your eyes, why not the best, high-tech cleaning for your bum? We want to help people understand that a bidet isn’t difficult to use. It’s not going to move you into a higher tax bracket. It is a beautiful, invigorating way to keep things on the back end fresh and clean.

Giving Back

Our products help the planet, but that’s not enough. We need to do more.

That’s why Bidetmate donates a portion of all profits to charity. The Arbor Day Foundation to invest in our earth, forests, and fight devastating wildfires. Our Children’s Earth to preserve the air we all need to survive. Oceana, to protect the ocean so essential to the health of the earth as a whole. The best part? You choose where your impact goes. At checkout, select which cause you want to support. No extra cost to you, yet you’re making an impact with every BidetMate purchase.

Why Bidets?

Bathroom Technology has Left You Behind

Instant water heating. A variety of spray functions to meet your bathroom needs. A heated dry function. Energy saving functions. Our bidets provide you with a variety of options, and more. Why are you still using the same thing people used 200 years ago?

Impact the World, Improve Your Routine

By using a bidet compared to toilet paper you help save 437 billion gallons of water every year. In your lifetime, you'll help keep 384 trees standing tall. A bidet is an easy way to save the world, and improve your day-to-day routine.

Be Cleaner and Feel Fresher Every Day

Bidets are a safer, healthier alternative to toilet paper. They keep your hands away from the mess, and keep harsh bleached paper out of your life. Regular bidet use can lead to fewer rashes, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, and other issues.






Cynthia T., September 2020

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