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Getting Dry: You Can Do It Without All the Paper

Getting Dry: You Can Do It Without All the Paper

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 22nd Jul 2021

You Can Do It Without All the Paper

Toilet paper. We buy it. We use it. We flush it away. It’s become a daily staple in our lives, and a bathroom may seem incomplete without it. Everyone has experienced sitting down to “go” and found that the roll was empty. This is usually followed by screaming for help, and hoping someone hears your plea and brings you the paper. Imagine in that situation that there was no need for TP, and getting dry was just a matter of pushing a button.

Millions of trees are cut down every year to make the toilet paper we use. Deforestation is happening all around the country, and keeping up with the demand for toilet paper is wrecking unnecessary havoc on the environment. Toilet paper is also expensive, and takes a chunk out of our pocketbook. There is another way to get dry, and it makes sense for good hygiene, and also feels great. A warm air dryer on your bum gets you dry, and leaves no residue behind. You will get this warm drying sensation from an electric bidet.

Not only does an electric bidet seat provide warm water, with multiple spray settings, they also have a dryer button to use after washing. BidetMate provides a gentle, refreshing clean for the entire family. Choose from customizable aerated, pulse, feminine, power wash, massage, and child wash functions. Adjustable, easy-to-use settings for heated seat, water, and dryer. Charcoal honeycomb air deodorizer eliminates S02 gasses, and neutralizes unpleasant smells. TP is not necessary, and this makes your butt, your Earth, and your wallet happy. You will never need to fret over an empty roll again.

Some people cannot seem to give up on TP, even when they get dry with a bidet. This is often a result of a habit that is simply hard to break. Did you know that you can still entertain this habit by using a bidet towel? These towels are reusable and are much like drying yourself off with a bath towel after taking a shower. Most people don’t use a new towel every time they shower, and the same applies for bidet towels. You’ve already thoroughly cleaned yourself with the bidet, so there is no need to use a new bidet towel every time you poo.

Around the world, toilet paper has been replaced by bidets and bidet toilet seat; toilet paper is no longer necessary in today’s high-tech world. You can get fresh and dry without it. Save your money, save the Earth, and eliminate paper from your life.

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