Why Bidets?

Your BM could be saving the world.

BidetMate seeks to create a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of keeping your bum clean and confident.

Why Wipe, When You Can Wash?

Want in on the top secret potty talk? Ask yourself if you would clean anything dirty with a dry piece of toilet paper (TP)...

  • TP your car? NO, take it to a car wash.
  • TP your dishes? NO, use a dish washer.
  • TP your laundry? NO, throw it all in washer.
  • TP your body, NO, you shower every day.
  • TP your toilet? NO, you hopefully disinfect it!

So why wouldn’t you drop the toilet paper to wash? BidetMate not only cleanses your bum but saves you money and the earth without the TP.

Reasons to LOVE BidetMate

Luxury Bum Care Without the Price Tag

We’re here to make your derriere affordable with just as many functions as the rest. Take care of yourself.

You Care About the Planet and So Do We

Save trees. Save water. Make the world a better place, and do it in a simple way that makes your everyday life better.

Our Warranty Proves We’re Worth It

We want you to feel confident not only with your offering you a full 1-year warranty with support.

Bathroom Technology has Left You Behind

Your toilet should provide you with a variety of options. Our bidets have everything and more for down under.

Impact the World, Improve Your Routine

Help save 437 billion gallons of water every year and you'll help keep 384 trees standing tall.

Be Cleaner and Feel Fresher Every Day

Bidets are a healthier alternative to toilet paper. They keep hands away from the mess, and bums cleaner.

Wipe Toilet Paper Expense Away & Wash Better With a Bidet, Mate!

It takes 37 gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper. It takes 1.3 KWh of energy. Did you know a bidet uses a fraction of that? When water and energy savings have real-world impacts that will last for years to come, the Bidet is the answer.

Watch our video about how much toilet paper is REALLY costing you.


So Why in the World Doesn't Everyone in the World Have a Bidet?

Great question! For us, a bidet is the best way of logically and effectively cleansing throughout your day.

It makes sense in this age of technology. You want the best high-tech headphones for your ears, the best high-tech sunglasses for your eyes, why not the best, high-tech cleaning for your bum? We want to help people understand that a bidet isn’t difficult to use. It’s is a healthy, environmentally and cost saving way to keep things on the back end fresh and clean.


  • Saves money on toilet paper and utility costs.
  • Promotes healthier, safer, and cleaner well being.
  • Preseves Earth’s natural resources like trees and water.
  • Relieves menustral periods, UTI, pregnancy, and hemorrhoids.
  • Soothes pre and postpartum pain and pressures.

Find the Right Match for Your Bum in 1 Minute


Learn More About the Benefits of Our Bidets

Learn More About the Benefits of Our Bidets


700 Series

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1000 Series

Designed for everyone in the family.

With Side Panel

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2000 Series

A premium bathroom experience.

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