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Your BM could be saving the world.

BidetMate seeks to create a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of keeping your bum clean and confident.

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Feminine Wash

Massage Wash

Oscillating Wash

Self Cleaning

Heated Water

Heated Seat

Heated Dryer

Soft Close Lid

Child Settings

Energy Saving


Aerated Wash

Night Light

UV Sterilization

Foot Button Flush

Water Saving Pump

Lid Lowering

Motion Sensor

Ceramic Bowl


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Margerie, June 2021

"It has been the best thing for me and my family. We feel so much fresher after we use the restroom. It has so many awesome features.”

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700 Series

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No Dryer Function

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1000 Series

Designed for everyone in the family.

With Side Panel

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2000 Series

A premium bathroom experience.

With Side Panel

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With Remote

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