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How long will it take to install the bidet?

BidetMate is a straightforward install, and no professionals are needed to get you up and running. You can do it yourself! It can take anywhere between 15-30+ minutes depending on your skills.

Will using a bidet be uncomfortable?

No. BidetMate may provide you the most satisfying visit to the bathroom that you’ve ever had.

Do I still need toilet paper?

Only if you want to skip using the heated dryer.

Will my down under be wet after I use the bidet?

Yes. However, the heated dyer function will get you dry and cozy.

What information is in the manual?

Pretty much any and all information you need for your bidet. If you still have additional questions after reading the manual, feel free to ask us.

Is the bidet safe for children?

Yes. There is even a child setting for little hineys.

Are bidets really healthier to use than toilet paper?

Yes. Eliminating toilet paper cuts out the chaffing associated with bleached tissue. Plus, there will never be any unsightly paper residue left behind. Regular bidet use is also associated with fewer hemorrhoids and UTIs than with traditional toilet paper.

Can settings be saved?

BidetMate remembers how you used a feature from the time before. Special energy saving settings on some models can allow for the seat to remember your usage patterns to save energy. Check the manual to learn how to set preset use patterns to make your trip to the loo quick and easy.

Is there a weight limit for BidetMate?

BidetMate can hold up to 300 lbs.

Does it heat the existing water or do I need to run a line?

You do not need a hot water line. The BideMate can heat up the water.

Why is BidetMate so fun to say?

Everyone has an inner Aussie that just wants to come out. You can’t really say BidetMate without sporting an accent…it’s natural!

Do bidet's have Sitz Bath features?

Yes, all of our bidets have sitz bath features.

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