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Do Women Poop the Same As Men? - The Answer is Different Than You Think

Do Women Poop the Same As Men? - The Answer is Different Than You Think

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

Okay, let’s talk about women, men, and poop. Sounds fun, right? Everybody poops, but do men and women poop the same? The answer is yes, and no.

Certainly both men and women poop in the same position, but we both “go” a little differently. For starters, women have wider pelvises than men, as well as extra internal organs (such as the uterus and ovaries) in the region. As a result, their colons hang a bit lower than men's, and are a bit longer: on average, by ten centimeters. These feminine traits make pooping take a little longer for women than men.

On top of taking a little longer, women also consider their pooping habits to be something that they’d rather not talk about. Many women’s relationship with bowel movements is so wrapped up in shame and embarrassment that many are unable to speak frankly about it when they actually need to. Men, however, often have no shame, and even announce when they have a good pooping session, as well as announce when they are having problems pooping.

The good news is that there is a pooping tool that benefits men and women that both will want to share with others. This tool is a bidet. Not only does it get you clean as a whistle after pooping, it also provides settings that are geared towards the different sexes. BidetMate has a feminine wash to soothe lady bits. They also have a deodorizer to curb the potential embarrassment of pooping.

In conclusion, women need to stop being ashamed to poop. Talk about your poop if you need to. If you find that pooping is sometimes more difficult than it should be, ask your female friends their thoughts. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional if you think your pooping problems could be more than just being embarrassed about pooping.