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Fashion Choices That Are Impossible to Get Off for the Bathroom

Fashion Choices That Are Impossible to Get Off for the Bathroom

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

Alas, you found an amazing ensemble that looks great on you, and makes you feel like a fashionista right off the runway. There’s only one’s a challenge to get on and off, which makes going to the bathroom a time consuming ordeal due to the lengthy disrobing process. In the name of fashion, this dilemma is something that is simply accepted, and won’t curb your trendsetting ways.

Here are three of the worst fashion offenders when it comes to stripping down so you can effectively use the toilet:

The Romper

Adorable and has a retro vibe. This one-piece outfit is hard to get on and off. It’s basically a leotard and usually has no easy opening for using the bathroom.

Wedding Dress

Ahh, wedding dresses. They are beautiful, elegant, the dress you’ve been waiting for all your life. It is also white, usually long, and has multiple layers. Getting this dress on and off is often impossible without the help of another person...or more than one person! Not taking off completely before pooping is a risky adventure. One slip and your skirt is sitting inside your bidet that holds you wedding jitters in it.

Ski Bibs

Hitting the slopes is a lot of fun, and great exercise. What isn’t fun is getting off all our gear to use the bathroom. Not only are your hands likely stiff from the cold, but there are a lot of buckles and snaps to undo on ski wear, not to mention long underwear that is likely worn underneath. It’s the price that must be paid for looking good and having fun on the slopes.