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6 High-Tech Gadgets for Senior Living

6 High-Tech Gadgets for Senior Living

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

You Will Love These Helpful Gadgets

Seniors love high-tech gadgets. They love them more if they are something practical that they can use in their daily lives. Below are six high-tech products that seniors love.

Security Cameras

The elderly often feel less secure when living alone, or when they feel they are not as strong as they used to be. Today’s security cameras are easy to install and give seniors a piece of mind for security. They also allow the owner to see who is at the door so they can decide if they want to get up and answer it.

Digital Medication Dispenser

Hero dispenses a senior’s medication at the right time each day. This technology for seniors holds up to 10 different pills — all shapes and sizes — and can be customized to any medication schedule. A dispenser is fantastic for keeping seniors on top of pill taking.

Electric Jar Opener

Opening a jar can be a challenge for young and old alike. An electric jar opener fits a variety of jars and opens them with the press of a button. Consider this for any arthritis sufferer in your life.

Robotic Vacuum

Although seniors still may be able to clean their home on their own, it doesn’t hurt to get a little help. One product that’s been around for a while that helps people of all ages keep their homes cleaner is robotic vacuums. If the senior in your life could use a little help with housework, this is perfect for them. It moves from carpet to hard floors with ease.

Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

BidetMate has the power to clean things toilet paper just can’t. The soothing cleanse is life-changing for seniors that suffer from symptoms associated with chronic UTIs, fissures, hemorrhoids, and IBS; it's like a sitz bath for your bum! Plus, there will be no more chafing from the harsh drying effects of toilet paper. Not needing to wipe after using the bathroom also lets senior’s live an independent life longer than without one as they will not require assistance in the bathroom.

Key Finder

Lost keys are not unusual, but for seniors it can be even more frustrating due to memory loss. Now there’s a fast and easy solution in a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device that attaches right to the key ring and uses a phone app to quickly pinpoint their location. A key finder can save a lot of time looking for lost keys.

New high-tech products are making life easier for seniors. All you need to do is identify the needs of the senior and choose the best gadgets to improve their lives.

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