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8 Steps to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

8 Steps to Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Posted by Janna on 28th Feb 2022

It has been common in North and South America to clean ourselves by wiping with toilet paper, but other cultures use many other methods to clean up, some better and some worse. BidetMate is upgrading the cleanup process and preventing a urinary tract infection is one great reason to switch from wiping with toilet paper to being cleaned with fresh running water from a BidetMate.

Stop The Spread and Growth of Bacteria

Plant being washed

A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria making their way to the urethra and if left untreated, into the bladder and kidneys. Women are more susceptible to UTIs and this susceptibility increases after menopause. However, all genders can get a urinary tract infection. The painful and sometimes dangerous effects of a UTI may be prevented by drinking plenty of water, emptying the bladder frequently, cleaning genitals before sex and peeing after sex, and learning about which birth-control products may be less likely to promote bacteria growth. It is not recommended by doctors to use douches but cleaning properly including using the front to back wipe may not be enough. Showers are recommended over baths and a bidet is like a focused and regular shower, perfect for keeping everything clean that needs cleaned after using the toilet and not negatively affecting the body's normal PH. A BidetMate also doesn’t use chemicals that are advised against in powders, douches, and deodorant sprays.

Advancing Years Makes Being Clean More Challenging

Not getting a UTI is about not spreading bacteria or giving it an opportunity to grow and when we get older our lack of flexibility can hamper our ability to clean ourselves easily. A study was done for the purpose of researching the implications of bidets in nursing homes and published in The Gerontologist found that cleaning with a bidet removed more bacteria than cleaning with toilet paper and this makes sense. We don’t wash our faces with a dry piece of paper, we wouldn’t even think of it.

BidetMate Makes Being Clean Easy

There are lots of options when it comes to a BidetMate. There is the economy version that isn’t too basic because it does warm the water, that is our 700 Series. The family favorite option is the BidetMate 1000 Series, and the 2000 series is great for treating yourself to everyday luxury. These models install on to your already existing toilet, in place of the toilet seat. If you are interested in more of a remodel and a full toilet upgrade the BidetMate 6000 Series is the ultra-premium of BidetMates and has all the bells and whistles including a UV Sterilization Light. Stopping the spread and growth of bacteria is easy with a BidetMate.

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