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Bidet Origin: Where did it Come From?

Bidet Origin: Where did it Come From?

Posted by Richard Biticon on 25th Apr 2022

The bidet was first invented in Japan over 100 years ago. The original purpose for this device? To spray water on your private parts while you're taking a dump!

It's not hard to see why people all around the world love their bidets so much- they provide such an excellent means of cleaning yourself down there without having any contaminants come into contact with sensitive areas like hands or toilet paper (especially if we've been sitting too long).

In this article, we'll explore the bidet origin and how it came to be such a popular fixture in bathrooms around the world.

How it all started

The earliest bidets were probably just basins or bowls of water that people used to clean themselves with. The first recorded use of a bidet was in France in the early 1600s. The word "bidet" comes from the French word for "pony," which is thought to refer to the way people would straddle the basin to use it.

How it gained popularity

Bidets became increasingly popular in Europe over the next few centuries and were even mentioned in some of the world's most famous literary works. In 1755, Voltaire wrote about bidets in his book Candide, and in 1885, Oscar Wilde mentioned them in his play The Importance of Being Earnest.

While bidets were once considered a luxury item, they are now commonly found in households around the world. In many countries, bidets are used in addition to toilet paper, and some people believe that they are more hygienic.

How popular is it today?

In today's world, bidets are becoming more and more popular. In Japan, more than 80% of households have a bidet, and they are also common in other Asian countries, as well as in Europe and South America.

People are loving bidets for many reasons. Some people say that bidets are more gentle and cleansing than toilet paper, while others appreciate the fact that bidets can save water and trees.

To sum up

Bidets have a long and interesting history. What started as a simple basin of water has evolved into a fixture that is loved by people all over the world. If you're thinking about getting a bidet for your home, it's important to do some research to find the right one for you. Are bidets a fixture in your home? Or are you still on the fence about them? Let us know in the comments!

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