Bidets Are For Everyone - Here’s Why

Bidets Are For Everyone - Here’s Why

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

Bidets Are For Everyone

There is a children’s book titled Everybody Poops. This hilarious book explains that an elephant makes a big poop. A mouse makes a tiny poop. Everyone eats, so of course: everyone poops! Since everyone poops, everyone should be cleaning themselves properly after pooping.

The best way to get clean for all people of all ages is to use a bidet. These modern bathroom devices help eliminate common ailments in the nether regions for men, women, teens, and children.

Women have a strong need monthly. Bowel movement changes during menstruation can include constipation, diarrhea, or more frequent bowel movements. One study reported that 73% of females experienced period-related gastrointestinal symptoms. Some people describe these changes as “period poop.” A bidet helps provide relief and soothes a lady’s area that monthly can feel like it’s on fire.

As men get older they often experience issues with their prostate. The term prostatitis is used to describe conditions that cause inflammation or infection in the prostate, a small gland located directly below the bladder in men. Regular bidet use cuts down on this infection risk considerably.

Although it is not reserved for just adolescents, but children and teens, especially active ones, often suffer from a common infection called jock itch. Teens are at a greater risk of getting jock itch if they:

* Are male

* Are a teen or young adult

* Wear tight underwear

* Are overweight

* Sweat heavily

* Have a weakened immune system

* Have diabetes

Washing with a bidet keeps their area clean and free of the bacteria that leads to jock itch.

For little kids, the benefits of using a bidet are obvious. Why? Because they often do not wash their hands! When not supervised, kids will likely forgo washing their hands after pooping and will proceed to eat, touch things, and paw at their face afterward. So gross, but expected.

Bidets really are for everyone. Treat your family’s bums to the cleanest method available with BidetMate.

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