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Cold Stories About Winter Sports and Pooping

Cold Stories About Winter Sports and Pooping

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

Winter Sports and Pooping Stories

Watching sports is enjoyable for a lot of people. Watching winter sports is especially enjoyable for those that live in warmer climates and may have never even seen snow in their lives. Maneuvering on snow and ice is exciting, but there are times when unsavory poop incidents happen to athletes, and spectators, that choose winter sports.

Adam Rippon, the Olympic ice skater, isn’t the only athlete to prefer cold climates for sports over sandy beaches. Many competitors chose their sport of choice due to their love of the cold.

Kris Draper has won the Stanley Cup a whopping four times during his career. In 2008 he had a newborn baby when his team won. Like any proud Stanley Cup winner, and every beaming new papa, he was eager to photograph his baby with the trophy. However, he didn’t think this activity through. In the photo setup he put his baby inside the cup. Adorable, right? Yes, but the baby had a poop explosion in the cup. Considering it is tradition that the team drink from the cup, the team wanted to do so. The cup had to be thoroughly cleaned before any teammates could partake in the tradition. Bet that baby could have benefited from being held up to a BidetMate toilet seat. They would be fresh and clean in seconds. Hope they used some lysol on that cup!

The NFL plays in the Fall and Winter, and in many areas of the Country, these games are played in the bitter cold. While one can bundle up to go watch these games in person, often it just isn’t possible. When this happens watching on tv is the next best thing. However, recently cable networks have been blacking out games for certain areas and it has many at home spectators fuming. One spectator expressed his dismay at this practice by using disgusting potty language directed at these cable networks. “I hope your homes get flooded with raw sewage and you develop a worm in your intestines that grows 57 feet long and has fangs, and spends 23 hours a day gnawing on the inside of your rectum until it bleeds liquid stool into the rest of your body”. Pretty descriptive, huh? I think the cable network is gonna need a good spray off from a bidet after that trash talk.

After playing winter sports, or having choice words about not being able to view them, one likely needs a shower to get themselves clean. Better yet, they likely need a good bidet wash before a shower. Doing so will rejuvenate and have you feeling as fresh and clean as this Olympian:

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