From Basic to Luxurious: Which Bidet Option is Right for You?

From Basic to Luxurious: Which Bidet Option is Right for You?

Posted by Alexander C. on 18th Jul 2023

In the quest for cleanliness, comfort, and a safety net away from toilet-paper supply chains, bidets have become increasingly popular bathroom upgrades. Bidets offer a refreshing alternative to traditional toilet paper, providing a more hygienic and soothing experience to clean your body as thoroughly as you would any other mess. After all, you wouldn't just wipe your feet with a paper towel after a run through the mud and call that clean. However, with a so many different styles, models, and price ranges to choose from, finding the right bidet can be a daunting task. There are three main bidet formats you can upgrade your bathroom with: attachments, seats, and toilets.

Bidet Attachments

Bidet attachments are an affordable and convenient option for those seeking to upgrade their existing toilet. These compact devices can be easily installed and do not require any major plumbing alterations or electrical work. By simply connecting the bidet to your toilet's existing cold water supply, you're ready to roll. Bidet attachments typically feature a spray nozzle that attaches to the side of the toilet bowl or are clamped down between your toilet seat and the toilet bowl. While they may lack some of the advanced features found in bidet seats and toilets like temperature or position controls, the simplicity of bidet attachments are often their defining feature. These simple machines provide an effective cleansing experience at a budget-friendly price point. Keep in mind though, that some bidet attachments add a considerable lift to the toilet seat, necessitating rubber spacers to realign the seat; an easy, but annoying extra step.

Bidet Seats

Bidet seats provide a more comprehensive bidet experience, replacing your existing toilet seat with a multifunctional upgrade. These seats often come with a range of features such as adjustable water temperature, water pressure, nozzle positions, and even air drying. Some high-end bidet seats even offer additional luxuries like heated seats, customizable user settings, and remote control operation. Bidet seats are an excellent choice for those looking for enhanced comfort and a wider range of cleansing options. These still only require the same plumbing of the original toilet, but may need a closer outlet installed. As these are installed after-the-fact, there can sometimes be differences in the toilet bowl shape and the shape of the bidet seat; some "Round" style toilets may not be as round as these seats and don't fit as seamlessly as you might like.

Bidet Toilets

For the ultimate in luxury and convenience, bidet toilets combine the functions of a toilet and bidet into a single unit. These all-in-one fixtures feature a built-in bidet system with advanced features such as self-cleaning nozzles, heated seats, warm air drying, automatic lid opening and closing, and even integrated air deodorizers. The biggest difference is the unified design, made from the ground up as a fully-featured unit, rather than a simple upgrade. Bidet toilets provide a seamless and sophisticated bathroom experience, but they are typically the most expensive option for home renovators.

Choosing the Right Option

To determine which bidet option is right for you, consider your budget, space limitations, and desired features. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution with easy installation, a bidet attachment may be the ideal choice. Those seeking additional features and enhanced comfort might find a bidet seat to be the perfect fit. However, if a full bathroom remodel is in the works, a bidet toilet will undoubtedly provide the most opulent experience.

When it comes to bidets, the choice between attachments, seats, or toilets depends on your personal preferences, budget, and desire for added features. Whether you opt for a basic attachment, a feature-rich seat, or a top-of-the-line toilet, incorporating a bidet into your bathroom routine can elevate your hygiene and provide a more comfortable experience. Take the time to evaluate your needs and explore the options available to find the perfect bidet solution that suits your lifestyle.

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