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Hands-Off Technique: An Exciting Way to Keep Your Kids' Hands Germ Free!

Hands-Off Technique: An Exciting Way to Keep Your Kids' Hands Germ Free!

Posted by Marcus Bitter on 30th May 2023

Bidets are an obvious choice for adults looking for a better clean than traditional toilets, but are they a viable option for children and their curious hands? Smart bidets are quite sophisticated and a clear step up from the toilet they might be used to, but once you understand how bidets work, you will soon realize they're actually quite simple that even a child could handle them!

Baby using washrom

Traditional toilets and stand-alone bidets (more common in Europe) are hard for kids to navigate, especially while they're still potty-training. That’s why you might consider an integrated toilet that has all of the features of a toilet and a bidet in one fixture or make a quick upgrade to your existing toilet with a new integrated Smart Bidet Seat. 

Some common features include:

  • Warm water spray
  • Tankless water heater
  • Seat and floor heater
  • Nightlight
  • Built-in deodorizer
  • Air dryers

The real stand-out features to alleviate parents' concerns of "how well did they really clean up in there?" are the hands-free capabilities of Smart Bidets. Some models have child modes that spray water at a lighter pressure and run automatic cleaning cycles so children don't have to fuss with all the buttons. The dryer function found on most  BidetMate models eliminates the need for a child to need to get a hands-on experience cleaning themselves, and can simply blow-dry their way to a hand-free clean. More advanced models like the BidetMate 6000 Series have kick-button or automatic sensors to lift the seat AND flush the toilet when business is done.

Everybody spends time being "not-so-good" at things before they get to "pretty okay," and unfortunately, potty training is just like anything else. It'll take time for a child to understand what is clean and what is soiled, what is sanitary and what isn't, so having a tool at the ready that can help make that transition much smoother will be better for everyone.

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