How Eliminating Toilet Paper Helps Save the Earth

How Eliminating Toilet Paper Helps Save the Earth

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 19th May 2021

How Eliminating Toilet Paper Helps Save the Earth

Do you know the negative environmental impacts toilet paper has on our Earth? Most people have no idea how many resources are used to create one single roll, so don’t beat yourself up about it. One man, named Ed, had no clue how much environmental havoc he and his family are responsible for simply by using toilet paper:

Ed doesn’t give much thought to the environmental impacts of toilet paper production. He is unaware of the amount of water, power, and trees needed to produce the tp he and his family use.

Ed uses 90 rolls of toilet paper a year. His family of four uses 360 rolls.

If American adults switched to a bidet (like people around the world), 18,821,528,460 rolls of toilet paper would be eliminated every year. That’s enough to TP every house in the US with just over 150 rolls.

Producing Ed’s family’s toilet paper also takes a lot of water. 3,166 gallons of water a year for Ed. 12,665 gallons for Ed’s family.

662,199,927,089 gallons of water is used every year to make toilet paper for American adults. That’s the equivalent of 1,003,333 Olympic swimming pools.

Water isn’t the only resource wasted for our wiping needs. Producing toilet paper also uses a lot of electricity.

If he eliminated toilet paper, Ed would save 94 kilowatt hours every year, and 378 kilowatt hours for his family.

If American adults switched to a bidet, 19,748,140,190 kilowatt hours would be saved yearly. That’s enough energy to fully power the entire state of Alabama.

Now let’s talk about the number of trees needed to wipe Ed’s bum every year.

By eliminating toilet paper 135 pounds of wood would be saved a year by Ed. 540 pounds for his family.

If American adults switched to bidets, 23,236,455 trees would be saved annually. These trees would fill up New York’s Central Park 1,162 times!

bidet toilet seat only costs $26.84 a year compared to $321.93 spent on toilet paper for a family of four.

After considering the benefits of a bidet, Ed has made the choice to move away from paper, and embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle for himself and his family.

Bidets are a safe, financially sound, and healthier alternative to toilet paper.

BidetMate. Good to the earth, Good to your wallet. Good to you.

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