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How to Install a BidetMate 2000 Toilet Seat Easily

How to Install a BidetMate 2000 Toilet Seat Easily

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

Install BidetMate 2000 Toilet Series Easily

Okay, so you decided to make the smart choice and get a bidet. Congratulations! Are you ready to install your BidetMate 2000?

You can start by removing the existing seat from the toilet body.Unscrew the nuts, and remove the seat and cover. Keep the removed seat, cover, and nuts. That way, if you ever want to move your bidet, you can put back the old parts.

Next, close the water feed valve by turning it clockwise, or pull to close. Drain the toilet water tank out. Flush and hold down until fully drained.

Remove the water feed pipe and then install T-valve.You may want to have a small towel handy to catch any remaining water. Feel free to use Teflon tape or a similar thread sealing compound for a better seal.

You can now connect the water feed pipe.

Fix the bracket onto the toilet. Adjust the seat and toilet front so that they match before fastening the nuts.

Take the BidetMate seat, set it on the toilet, and gently push it back toward the bracket. Push the seat back until you hear a click. When the product is not installed correctly, the seat may come apart.

Connect the bidet-use hose to the bidet body.

Finally, insert the deodorizing cartridge into the bidet body. Don’t worry, you won’t need to change the cartridge for five years. Ain't that a beaut.

Now that you’ve installed your BidetMate, you want to make sure it’s working correctly.

Start by opening the water feed valve by turning it counter-clockwise, or by pushing the valve in. Make sure there is no leaking around the hose connection.

Be sure that the logo on the top lights up and the nozzle emerges and retracts when powered on.

When the BidetMate is powered on, the water tank should fill up immediately. Check if water comes out from the drain hole for several seconds.

Alright then. You’ve done it! Though you’re probably feeling quite handy right now, don’t let this easy installation go to your head. You’re not a plumber. Now, go ahead and give your BidetMate a try! You know you want to.

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