The Odd Evolution of Toilet Paper Will Shock You

The Odd Evolution of Toilet Paper Will Shock You

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 22nd Jul 2021

The Evolution of Toilet Papers

Today's toilets and toilet paper are nothing like they were for the first humans. Thankfully, methods for using the bathroom have improved greatly since the Stone Age. Take a look below to see the bidet origin and how humans have evolved away from primitive practices to today's more hygienic methods:

The Stone Age (About 1 Million Years Ago)

Early humans made tools and invented fire. However, they did not know how to properly wipe their butts and likely used whatever was in reach; leaves, moss, or stones...ouch! They resorted to using their hands when nothing else was available. Let’s hope they didn’t lick their fingers after eating.

Ancient Greece (800 BC)

The Greeks were far more advanced than the Stone-Agers, but their hygiene practices were still primitive. As in the Stone Age, ancient Greeks also used stones, as well as fragments of ceramic to wipe. They even wrote the names of their enemies on their wiping tools. At least they had a sense of humor.

Ancient Rome (800 BC)

Those in Ancient Rome were not much more advanced than their Grecian counterparts. Romans used a sponge attached to a stick. The sponge was cleaned between uses with salt water or vinegar. Pretty gross. Luckily, years later the Romans redeemed themselves with the invention of plumbing.

East Asia (700 AD)

Many believe the Chinese invented toilet paper. This is partially true as they were the first to use trees in the form of small sticks for wiping…or rather scraping and picking. This often led to unintended stabbing and splinters. Good times. Gotta wonder if “a stick up your butt” refers to this method of wiping.

Colonial Times (1700s)

Ahh, our founding fathers...many are noted as the most intelligent and admired people in American history. So intelligent that they wiped with leaves, straw, and, wait for it...dried corn cobs. Sounds yummy.

Fortunately, paper became prevalent at this time in the form of newspapers and catalogs. Read the paper, wipe your butt. The sensation of black ink on your rump must have felt so fresh.

The Debut of the Bidet (Late 1700s)

We can thank French prostitutes, or rather their customers, for the first bidet. This primitive bidet was simply a bowl of water that was straddled over. The user would simply scoop water with their hand and splash themselves. Not exactly sanitary, but leaps and bounds better than sticks and corn cobs.

The Toilet Paper Revolution (1870s)

The Industrial Revolution, the American Revolution, and the Toilet Paper Revolution. Yes, the Toilet Paper Revolution. Finally, a one-use tool that wasn’t painful to use. Many brands even advertised their product as 100% splinter-free!

The Golden Age of Wiping (1957)

Wet wipes. A step up from toilet paper that incorporated moisture onto toilet paper for a more thorough and fresh clean. Unfortunately, these wipes do not decompose like toilet paper, and wreaked havoc on septic systems and released toxins into the environment.

The Mechanically Operated Bidet Seat is Born (1960s)

The bidet seat originated in the United States by a man for his father that had a medical condition so he could more easily achieve a better clean. This seat was pretty basic and it’s only feature was a spraying nozzle. The water was cold, and this seat did not sway Americans to start cleaning with water.

The Electric Bidet Bidet Seat Revolutionizes the Toilet (1980s)

A Japanese company, using the USA’s mechanical design, incorporated electricity into the bidet seat. This new design included a heated seat, water, and dryer. The Japanese people did not take to them at first. However, seats were installed in places like hotels and restaurants so that the public could try them out. Fast forward to the 2000s, and a bidet seat is now found in 80% of homes. The Japanese are known for their cleanliness, so it is not surprising that they concluded that the bidet seat provides the best possible cleaning experience.

The BidetMate Toilet Seat Attachment (2020 – The Future)

Covid-19 changed the way man looked at toilet paper forever. Toilet paper shortages became a real issue and many were faced with using the bathroom without it. Thankfully, with a BidetMate bidet seat attachment, toilet paper and wet wipes are no longer necessary to get comfortable and clean. In addition, features such as an automatic deodorizer, and self-cleaning nozzle have been incorporated into the design. Economical, and environmentally friendly, this bidet seat is here to stay. Hooray!

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