Reasons Why Cleaning With Water is Better for You

Reasons Why Cleaning With Water is Better for You

Posted by Stephanie Gillis on 21st Jul 2021

Is Cleaning With Water Better Than Wiping?

Nearly everyone has accidentally stepped in dog poop while out in a park, or even in their own backyard. When this unsavory incident happened did you ever once clean your shoe, or bare foot, with just a dry napkin? No, of course not. You cleaned with water.

This is why people around the world rely on a bidet to get themselves clean after using the bathroom. Modern bidets are a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly, and cost saving tool than toilet paper. It’s no wonder why bidets are the most popular bathroom amenity on Earth.

But, there is one place where bidets have not been well received, and that is the US. Why is that?

Americans are creatures of habit, and often tend to shun anything new or foreign when it comes to concepts of proper hygiene. We like to think of ourselves as progressive in technology, but we are using the same method as we did 200 years ago. Not exactly innovative.

Modern indoor plumbing helped boost the popularity of the bidet around the world, and it is now a common feature in all bathrooms in Japan and across Europe. Fortunately, Americans are finally coming around to recognizing the benefits of a bidet for their personal hygiene, the natural resources spared, and the monetary savings.

Everyone likes to save money, so let’s go over seven ways bidets are better for not just your health, but also your pocketbook:

1. Overall better hygiene.

Regular bidet and sitz bath use can lead to fewer rashes, hemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, and other unpleasant health issues. These infections cost money to treat once you are inflicted. Trips to the doctor, and medications, aren’t exactly cheap. Save yourself the hassle of unpleasant hygiene-related ailments by using a bidet.

2. Aid for those with mobility issues.

Bidets assist seniors, and those with disabilities, by allowing them to remain independent. They save them the embarrassment, and inconvenience, of needing help after going to the bathroom.

3. Toilet paper is expensive.

Americans are known for their consumption, and use 20% of the World's toilet paper, but we are only 4% of the World’s population. The average person in the US uses 90 rolls of toilet paper a year, and the cost for this TP is $70 or more. A BidetMate toilet seat only costs an average of $0.0018 a day for water, and 0.062 kilowatts a day for energy. For one person, the total yearly cost to operate a bidet is only $7.21. That’s a huge savings!

4. Pollution.

By switching to a bidet, nearly 90 million rolls of toilet paper a year would not need to be manufactured for the United States. Not producing these rolls translates into less pollution into our environment, and would be a huge savings for our planet.

5. So much water.

Did you know that 3,166 gallons of water a year is needed to make toilet paper for just You. That’s more than 662 million gallons of clean water for all American adults. Clean water is a valuable resource that dwindles every year. Eliminating toilet paper helps ensure our water supply remains intact, safe, and clean for generations to come. Treating unclean water is expensive, and the more polluted it becomes, the more expensive it is to treat.

6. Electricity.

Water isn’t the only resource wasted for our wiping needs. Producing toilet paper also uses a lot of electricity. 94 kilowatt hours per person to be exact. With rolling power outages happening all across the Country, saving electricity should be a priority for everyone. When electricity is in high demand, the cost goes up exponentially. The production of toilet paper causes higher electricity costs for everyone.

7. Now let’s talk about trees.

The number of trees needed to create toilet paper is staggering. 135 pounds of trees is required to make toilet paper for one person in a year. 135 pounds! This equates to just shy of 24 million trees a year for America. Deforestation is a serious issue in today’s World. We need trees to provide oxygen to breathe. Not having enough trees on the planet could literally cost you your life!

Now that you know the impact on natural resources and the monetary savings that come with a bidet, it’s clear that now is the time to make the choice to move away from paper. 

Bottom line.

Bidets are cost saving, and a healthier alternative to toilet paper. BidetMate helps save the plant, and helps you save money.

Impact the world, and improve your routine with BidetMate. Good for the earth. Good for your wallet. 

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