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​Sit Comfortably All Year Long

​Sit Comfortably All Year Long

Posted by Jeffrey B on 31st Oct 2022

It’s quite a shocking feeling to take a seat on the porcelain throne in the dead of winter, but it doesn’t have to be. Every BidetMate bidet and bidet seat brings heated comfort and relief through several different key features.

Heated Seat

Our smart seats feature a sensor to detect when the toilet is occupied and you are seated to begin operation. Once you’ve sat down, you can choose between off, low, medium, and high high heat to really get warm and cozy. A built-in safety timer will automatically lower the temperature after extended use to prevent any unfortunate burning. Some of our bidets even include a “Learning Feature” that will detect when you most often use the bidet and preheat the seat ahead of time. Rather than waiting for it to heat up, the BidetMate  1000 Series and 2000 Series will learn your schedule to conserve energy and be warm and comforting as soon as you sit down.

Heated Water

Having the bidet’s water supply be heated may not be something you’d considered, but it makes a big difference during Winter. You’d be surprised how noticeable temperature differences are with an unheated bidet, especially when it’s been hot or cold outside; if a cold toilet seat doesn’t wake you up, cold bidet water surely will! By incorporating an instant water heater or a built-in heated water tank, your bathroom experience will be soothing rather than chilling.

But! You don’t need to have the heated water on all the time. When temperatures are climbing and it’s hot out in Summer (or after an especially spicy meal), unheated water will be refreshing and welcomed.

Heated Dryer

With the introduction of a heated dryer, you can significantly cut down on your toilet paper use and prevent chafing. Drying your bum with a heated dryer can quicken your go and get you warmed back up after sitting in the cold.

Simply swapping your standard toilet seat with a luxurious BidetMate bidet seat will seriously improve your seasonal comfort. From the  700 Series to the 6000 Series, you and your guests will wonder how you lived without them.

700 Series

The economy option is still loaded.

No Dryer Function

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With Dryer Function

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1000 Series

Designed for everyone in the family.

With Side Panel

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With Remote

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2000 Series

A premium bathroom experience.

With Side Panel

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With Remote

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