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​The 3000 Series Brings Premium Comfort

​The 3000 Series Brings Premium Comfort

Posted by Barry P. on 2nd Dec 2022

While bidets are a bathroom staple around the world, for the average American bidets are becoming much more common than they used to. Still, they come in many different shapes, sizes, and abilities. Some are simple sprayers that strap onto your toilet seat, others are handheld nozzles like a gentler garden hose. The BidetMate 3000 Series Smart Bidet blows those out of the water. It’s a full toilet-seat replacement with nearly two dozen features to clean you up, keep you comfortable, and blend seamlessly with your existing toilet. Let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

Customizable Wash Settings

With over a dozen buttons and features, your bidet experience is highly customizable. The bidet nozzle has two main settings with two control options: a Regular Wash and Feminine Wash with power and position settings. With five distinct positions, you can be sure that the nozzle is aimed exactly where you need it and you can tune how much assistance you need with the Power Control function. Press the button twice to activate an oscillating wash cycle, or press the Massage button to alternate the water temperature between hot and cold. An Auto Wash button makes it trivial for guests, seniors, or children to use the 3000 Series bidet without having an intimate understanding of the control panel like you might. Truly, the BidetMate 3000 Series bidet will have you walking away the cleanest you’ve ever felt.

Warm Features Perfect for Winter

Using the bathroom during colder seasons can be quite the shocking experience, especially so when your bidet uses the cold water line to spray you! The BidetMate 3000 Series features several heaters to accommodate you year round, like a built-in instant water heater with adjustable temperature controls so you can find your ideal comfort. Everyone knows the feeling of sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat in the middle of Winter, which is fortunately a thing of the past with the 3000 Series’ adjustable temperature heated seat - and it remembers your preferred temperature and schedule to preheat before your next visit. And forget about ever needing toilet paper again with the Cyclone-DRI heated dryer; set the temperature and strength and feel refreshed and clean like never before. Once you’ve experienced a heated toilet seat, you’ll never be able to look at regular toilet seats the same way ever again.

Clever Control and Considerate Use

Every BidetMate smart bidet seat is designed to be friendly to use and accommodating for every use-case and the 3000 Series is no different. We took care in crafting the toilet seat itself, featuring a slim design where other seats often have a distinct “hump” at the rear for the water heater. With the 3000 Series you are offered a choice, control it from a side panel or a remote control; both methods offer the same functionality, but the remote control might be helpful for less-flexible users and allow them to look a little closer at the buttons. To prevent any accidental sprays, the 3000 Series features a seat sensor that detects the bidet is in use, a feature you would know is worthwhile if you’ve ever had to clean a bidet or had some curious kids. When you’re done with your business, simply drop the lid and let the soft-close hinge prevent any loud slamming. You can be sure that the versatility of the BidetMate 3000 Series bidet doesn’t end at the nozzle and that room was made to squeeze features in anywhere we could.

When you purchase a BidetMate smart bidet, you can trust that you will have a premium experience. From the features you’ll use everyday to the seasonal amenities, the BidetMate 3000 Series is built to leave a lasting impression. To learn more and to order your own BidetMate 3000 Series Bidet, check it out here.

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