The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Renovations: Be Sure to Read This!

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Renovations: Be Sure to Read This!

Posted by Jason P on 25th Jul 2023

Are you tired of your outdated bathroom that lacks style and functionality? Are you dreaming of a luxurious and relaxing oasis that meets your every need? Look no further! Welcome to our ultimate guide to bathroom renovations, where we'll take you on a journey to transform your old, lackluster bathroom into a stunning and practical masterpiece.

Assess Your Needs

Before diving into your bathroom renovation project, take a moment to assess your needs. What bothers you the most about your current bathroom? What elements would you like to improve? This is just the start, so take note of every nook and cranny that really bugs you about your bathroom. Maybe the chrome fixtures are still working okay, but they've lost their sheen. Or your toilet doesn't run as well as it used to and now it has a "technique" to use it. Understanding your priorities will guide the entire renovation process.

Set a Budget

Renovations can quickly get out of hand without a clear budget in place. Determine how much you're willing to spend on your bathroom makeover and try to stick to it. It's essential to strike a balance between your dream bathroom and financial constraints. Before you have any notion of how much things cost, dream big! Plan a grand chandelier over your bathtub, a living moss wall in your shower, and marble flooring with built-in heating. Then take some time to reevaluate if that can really fit your $10,000 budget. What is your biggest priority and where are you willing to make concessions?

Create a Vision Board

Visualization is a powerful tool in the renovation process. Collect inspiration from magazines, online platforms, and even your favorite hotels or spas. Create a vision board to help you refine your style and ensure all design choices align with your overall theme. Keep in mind it can take a couple iterations to find what about the inspiration fascinates you. It's easy to collect a stack of bathroom design photos and think they look nice, but it's a step further to realize that you like them because of how much natural light there is. Once you have a large selection, flip through your board and figure out what is the look you want and why do you like it? That will help you plan your own design more than anything else.

Focus on Functionality

While aesthetics are vital, functionality is equally important. Consider the layout of your bathroom and how you can optimize the available space. Incorporate storage solutions, choose durable materials, and invest in fixtures that make your daily routine more convenient. As nice as brass faucets, knobs, and hangers are, you might have noticed that everyone has a slightly different definition of "brass." Some are truly brass, others are an off-gold, even from the same manufacturer. Also, remember that a lot of the photos and professional designs you see are professionally cleaned from top to bottom. The average person may not be able to keep up with the cleaning habits necessary for a white grouted bathroom, so it might be time to consider other options.

Choose the Right Materials

Selecting the right materials can make or break your bathroom renovation. Opt for high-quality, water-resistant materials that can withstand the humid environment of a bathroom. From tiles to countertops, striking a balance between beauty and functionality is crucial. Are you renovating a child or future child's bathroom? Choose hardware and lumber that can take a beating or be easily replaced when it's too far gone. 

Lighting Matters

Lighting plays a significant role in creating ambiance and enhancing the overall look of your bathroom. Incorporate both task lighting for functional purposes and ambient lighting for a relaxing atmosphere. Consider dimmer switches to customize the lighting according to your mood. An easy place to start is buying a couple lightbulbs in different temperatures and trying them out in your existing bathroom. Maybe a bright 6000K sounds good to you and looks great in a magazine, but with your tiny 36 square foot bathroom it feels like a prison cell. Every light temperature has its place though, and a cool or soft white would be perfect for a vanity, but overbearing for overhead lights.

Eco-Friendly Considerations

Sustainable and eco-friendly bathroom renovations are gaining popularity. From low-flow toilets and water-saving faucets to energy-efficient lighting, there are plenty of ways to minimize your environmental impact while upgrading your space. Switching your plain old toilet to a full smart bidet like the BidetMate 6000 Series will certainly make a difference in more ways than one. From its ultra-low flow Tornado Flush to the simple fact your toilet paper usage will shrink dramatically, installing a bidet as grand as this will be an important cornerstone to any modern bathroom remodel.

Seek Professional Help

While some DIY enthusiasts may be tempted to tackle bathroom renovations on their own, it's essential to know your limits. Plumbing, electrical work, and complex installations are best left to the experts. It's reasonable to want to do work on your home by yourself, for the experience and to save on labor costs, but being realistic with your own abilities and understanding that there's a reason there are professionals is a humbling experience. Especially after you find your toilet has been leaking through your floors. Hiring professionals ensures the job is done safely and up to code, which doubles as an easier sell for any future plans to sell your home.

Don't Neglect Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is often overlooked but is crucial in maintaining a healthy bathroom environment. Proper ventilation prevents mold and mildew growth, extends the lifespan of your fixtures, and enhances overall air quality. Planning to install an exhaust fan from the start of your remodel will enable you to plan your space properly and prevent any sort of band-aid solution in your brand-new bathroom that you will definitely won't forget every time you see it.

Plan for the Unexpected

Bathroom renovations can be unpredictable. Hidden water damage, structural issues, or unexpected complications may arise during the process. Set aside a contingency budget to handle any surprises without derailing your entire project. Just as contractors over-estimate on a quote to account for problems, you need to do the same for yourself. Don't pull the trigger on something as major as a bathroom remodel without making sure that you have wiggle room to keep the project moving on schedule. Otherwise you may get lucky and be able to put any additional expenses on credit, but worst case scenario the job is stopped until you have enough to pay the contractor's to finish the job or pay yourself to undo whatever you've discovered.

Bathroom renovations are a major undertaking, but by following this ultimate guide to bathroom renovations, you'll be well-prepared to tackle your makeover with confidence. Remember, patience and attention to detail are key to creating the bathroom of your dreams. Get ready to indulge in a personal sanctuary that adds value to your home and enhances your daily life. Happy renovating!

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