Time to Clean: A Helpful Guide to Regular Bidet Care

Time to Clean: A Helpful Guide to Regular Bidet Care

Posted by Angela T. on 26th Jun 2023

Taking care of your home and appliances is an important part of maintaining a healthy and clean homelife. Regularly cleaning your toilet and bathroom usually calls for some pretty caustic chemicals like bleach or ammonia to sanitize and surfaces and scrub build-up. While these are perfectly fine for non-porous materials like porcelain, electronic smart bidets present two hesitations: there are sensitive electronics within the bidet and these chemicals strongly react with most plastics. In order to keep your bidet in tip-top shape and performing optimally we have some special care instructions for you to follow!

Chemicals and Materials to Avoid

Cleaning the porcelain toilet bowl, tank, and body can all still be cleaned with your normal cleaning supplies like disinfecting sprays, wipes, toilet bowl cleaners, vinegar solutions, etc. However, you can't use these same chemicals on any of the BidetMate parts and components. It should go without saying, but don't use anything that you wouldn't normally find in a cleaning closet, like turpentine, acetone, or mineral spirits. Keep any cleaning tools soft and non-abrasive, like cloths, sponges, and rags; don't use steel wool, scouring pads, or pumice stones on the bidet seat.


Make sure you have the seat unplugged and the water pressure turned off before you get started. It's all too easy to bump a bunch of buttons and spray yourself in the face if you leave everything connected, but you will also need to disassemble part of the water connection for a full system clean.

Cleaning the Lid and Seat

These can be cleaned quick and easy with a damp, soft cloth and wiped clean of any dust and debris. Doing this once per week can prevent static-charge buildup that attracts even more dust to attach to them. For the inside of the lid and the rest of the seat, a gentle plastic-safe cleaner can be used to sanitize any user-overspray.

Cleaning the Bidet Nozzle

The nozzle is a sensitive piece of equipment and also the most important part of the bidet, so great care must be taken! Give it a gentle scrub regularly with a soft cloth or sponge. Don't pull on the nozzle to expose it for cleaning, instead follow the instructions in your manual in order to reveal the nozzle without initiating the spray functions. If the nozzle hasn't been cleaned regularly enough or has reached the end of its life, the nozzle may be blocked and need replacing, at which point you can contact support to get your bidet back up and running.

Cleaning the Control Device

Whether you have a control Knob, Panel, or Remote, start by giving them a gentle scrub with a damp rag to get any dust and debris loose, then you can use a plastic-safe sanitizing solution to finish the job.


If you've noticed that the water pressure isn't what it used to be, the steel mesh filter in the bidet water supply hose might be clogged and need a good cleaning or replacement. You can find it between the elbow connection attached to the bidet and the hose. With the water supply off and a bucket under the connection (to catch any water still in the system) unscrew the fitting and carefully pop the filter out. Give it a good scrub with a sponge or a worn out toothbrush if the buildup is putting up a fight.

It's really straightforward to clean a BidetMate Smart Bidet, you just need to remember to keep it gentle, both in how you're cleaning and what you're cleaning with. It's a smart bidet, so it's as much an electronic as it is a bathroom fixture!

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