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Your Impact

Reducing Toilet Paper Production Nationwide

Toilet paper, as a single use, disposable product that is used every day by billions of people makes a really negative overall impact on the environment.

37 Gallons of Water Per Roll of Toilet Paper

The impact of TP adds up fast. Aside from the fact that it requires a number of harsh chemicals to produce which can end up in our environments, it also takes a lot of water.

Saving Energy Reduces Pollution Worldwide

When you use a bidet instead of TP, you’re actually saving energy. Even though your bidet is plugged in, the power it uses is tiny, especially in comparison to the TP manufacturers out there.

So are you ready to make your impact?

Be your best. Buy our best.

Helping the world doesn’t have to mean self-sacrifice.

The hero that swoops in and gives up everything in order to save the world is a glamorous fantasy, but wouldn’t it be better if the hero could save the day, and live happily ever after? That’s what we want to offer you. Your every day impact grows each time you use a bidet. You’re changing the world, and you can do it while also being pampered and clean. Get the clean you didn’t know you were missing, and give back to this beautiful planet.

Your purchase goes beyond just saving water.

At each purchase you get the opportunity to pick out a charity for a portion of your purchase to go towards. You don’t pay anything extra, it’s our way of making it easy for you to give back.