The Rise of Perfect Bathroom Solution for Seniors

The Rise of Perfect Bathroom Solution for Seniors

Posted by Richard Biticon on 21st Jul 2021

The Perfect Bathroom Solution for Seniors

The bidet has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that this bathroom solution has gained popularity. It is because of the growing population of seniors who have found that they can't use their hands to clean themselves after using the toilet. It turns out this problem isn't just limited to those with physical disabilities, as many people find it difficult to clean off after going number two in public restrooms due to germs on the seat. With a bidet in your home or office restroom, you never have to worry about these issues again!

As we age, our muscle strength gradually begins to weaken. One thing that can make going to the bathroom a more comfortable experience is using toilet seat bidets.

Below are common issues seniors face when it comes time for their business and how a simple change like installing one in your home can help!


For those with Alzheimer's or others who rely on a caregiver for assistance with wiping, bidets eliminate any embarrassment of asking others for help. Bidets make bathroom hygiene easy and independent in the comfort of your own home!

Thinner Skin

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and much more sensitive. A bidet can help with the sensitivity that comes from wiping too hard to make life easier on your behind as you go through this inevitable process of aging.


One of the most common senior problems is that they may have trouble controlling their bowel movements. Diarrhea, in particular, can be an issue for seniors, especially when you consider how our dietary needs change as we get older and what this means about your elimination habits. The spray from a bidet will leave you feeling clean and refreshed, helping to rid your backside's residual bacteria where there might otherwise not be enough wiping!


Bathing is a daily routine for most people, but it can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing experience if you live with someone who doesn't see or care about your privacy. The Bidetmate offers the perfect solution to this problem by creating clean private baths without being intrusive.

Bathing yourself in soapy water after using the restroom might sound like good hygiene practice. Still, seniors living with caregivers often have another way of cleaning themselves during their time on bathroom duty. Scrubbing one's genital region by hand while under hot running bath water can be painful, especially when done frequently over months or years. The skin becomes thinner as we age; moreover, it may also cause embarrassment due to difficulty navigating sensitive areas such as the genitals.


Mobility is often a problem for the elderly, as cramped spaces can make it difficult to clean themselves properly. Wiping has been proven dangerous in some cases- you have to stand up and then sit down again over and over or risk falling! With bidets like this one from Hansgrohe, they operate much more smoothly than traditional toilets because they don't require sitting or standing. Taking care of your hygiene becomes more accessible for seniors and their caregivers who are tending them.


Arthritis is painful and debilitating. Fortunately, the Bidetmate 2000 Series Electronic Smart Toilet Seat provides a soothing experience for those with arthritis with its warm water wash and heated seat they can control to their liking. Unlike other bidets that require complicated controls, the 2000 series has an easy-to-use remote where you can adjust everything from stream direction to temperature settings on your own. So you're sure not only will it be clean but also comfortable all at once!


A good bidet helps seniors with hemorrhoids, constipation, and incontinence. Bidets are much easier to use for people who've had surgery because they don't have to wipe as often or at all. A common symptom of aging is that women experience a drop in estrogen levels, leading to urinary tract infections (UTIs). But using the washlet system on your toilet seat means you won't get UTIs anymore. They are also great for sitz baths!

Bidetmate has a wide range of bidets designed to make your life easier, whether you have health problems like arthritis or diarrhea. If finding the right product for your needs is confusing and overwhelming, don't worry! Our team of experts can help you find the perfect solution using our website's user-friendly filters so you'll never be left guessing again.

Want more information on how we can ease your worries? Check out our blog post about all things bidets!

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